We are privileged to introduce the world’s leader in leather covering and manufacturing – Alphenberg. This Dutch company adds a new dimension to covering floors and walls with a vast collection of tiles, made from 100% natural buffalo leather.
Diverse Modern Design can help with everything from choosing the right color and finish to installing the product in a proper manner.

The Leather

Whether it is a leather floor or wall, leather should look like leather. All skins are finished by hand to accentuate the natural characteristics. This results in the many colour variations that make the material unique.
The leather tiles are: – Fire retardant – Sound reducing – Simple to maintain.


The use of leather on the floor or wall gives the interior a chic and, at the same time, trendy character. Alphenberg therefore ensures that every home, shop, restaurant or hotel is pleasing to the eye.
With Alphenberg, you can cover and accentuate almost every surface.


The hides used by Alphenberg come from animals that have lived in the wild and are preserved using modern tannings.
The tanning, dyeing and finishing is done with biologically degradable materials. This means that waste products from the meat-processing industry are transformed into a biologically degradable material.