EHB4000 – Eco Hybrid Bio Ethanol Burner

Bio Ethanol Eco Hybrid Burner EHB4000. The EHB4000 is a 40-inch-long, 7.4-inch-wide burner that can replace the traditional fireplace in your home. You can convert your traditional, wood-burning fireplace into a clean source of flames with this bio ethanol burner insert, or you can design a custom fireplace that matches your personal tastes for installation. The burner itself looks sleek and modern with its metallic design, and its spill-proof technology and manual operation system make it simple to use. Just fill the 7-liter tank with bio ethanol fuel and enjoy an open flame for 7-14 hours. With this fireplace burner insert, you can enjoy heat and style without worrying about ashes or ventilation ever again.

Product Weight: 28 Pounds.


  • Spill Proof Technology.
  • Ventless – no chimney no gas or electric lines required.
  • Easy or no maintenance required.
  • Capacity: 7 Liters.
  • Approximate burn time – 7 – 14 hours per refill.
  • Approximate maximum BTU output: ~ 19000.


What’s in the Box:

  • EHB4000 Ethanol Burner – 1 pc.
  • Damper Tool – 1 pc.